“Cash for Scents”

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“Express Yourself with a Unique Fragrance that No-One Else Can
Claim and Turn Your Hobby Into
a Lucrative Business!”

Today, more than ever, perfume is popular around the world as both its use and applications continue to grow.

In this book, we will be looking at ways of how to make your own perfume so that you can produce a scent which is particular to you and unlike any of those that you can buy either in store or over the internet.

Anyone can go to the store and grab a bottle of perfume…but not everyone can stake claim to their own scent! Imagine the great comments and questions you’ll receive from the people around you if you start creating your own perfume!

It’s not hard and you’ll be making your own special blend of fragrances at a fraction of the cost that you’d pay for perfume in a store. In fact, you could even turn around and sell your fragrances to others for a pretty penny!

You can save boatloads of cash when you stop buying designer fragrances and start creating unique and pleasant fragrances you design yourself.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • The History of Perfumery
  • What is Perfume Made From?
  • The First Steps to Making Your Own Perfume
  • Supplies Needed and Where to Obtain Them
  • Making Your Own Perfume at Home
  • How to Create Aromatherapy Perfumes at Home
  • Aromatherapy Perfume Recipes
  • Colognes and Body Sprays
  • Selling Your Home Made Perfume


As you can see, making your own perfumes, colognes or body sprays is simple, and once you’ve made your first batch and tried it yourself, you’ll soon want to make more.

(24 Pages)