“The Art of Making Perfume”

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“The Art of Making Perfume”

How to mix essential oils & make the homemade frangrances last.

Essential oils are all the rage these days, especially for women.  There are uses for healing, for physical ailments and many more.

So why not make your own perfume?

You’ve been hearing all about making perfume and how much fun it is and are all hyped about making it yourself.

It’s time you did something about it!

Learn about:

• What to Look for When Buying Essential Oils for Making Perfume
• Tips to Successfully Making Perfume
• Making Perfume at Home
• Getting the Desired Fragrance when Making Perfume
• Making Perfume for Scented Spray
• Making Perfume for a Unique Gift Idea
• The Simplicity of Making Solid Perfume
• And much, much more!

Get Busy!  Get Going!  Ready, set, GO!

(24 Pages)